Sun Missing and Cross Results

Good morning from Missoula Montana where the sun refuses to come up and I have just finished off my breakfast and now working on a cup of coffee. The sun refuses to come up because it is sleepy and yesterday it had that day off (sick day). We all hope the sun gets better soon and returns in our lives. we appreciate the sun e, even in the winter. Get well Soon! Yesterday I did my best to spark a little sunshine in my life and it came in the form of a good placing (cyclocross) I had in last nights Wednesday Night Cyclocross Race Series .

Even though an ass hole customer at work has enjoyed a reign over my happiness I was able to break though the negativity coming out of Washington state to place fourth at the scramble in the rain last night. This week’s course had two barrier sections, two hill climbs (one steep), and even one run up. It also was laced with two down hills one which took a racer out right in front of me. Lets hope that racer recovers and returns to the race scene soon. There is nothing more exciting that sketching down a gravel pile in rain; the rocks slippery like a jar of pickled eggs.

So the race started and I took my usual place in the back. the entire lap I lost ground and when I came around to the start finish line I was far back and probably the farthest I have ever been. I did not panic

In fact I really didn’t care. I got first place last weekend and I figured I would relax and enjoy this one. Then the B riders and fellow masters caught me and passed. This was the last straw. I was not going to let that go. I stepped it up a notch and started to rein them in one lap at a time. It was 4 laps to go when I decided to take charge of my race.

On the forth lap I battled it out with this ass hole mountain biker. I have never seen this guy in any mountain bike races so I know it was a road racer on a mountain bike. This guy hates me, every time I pass him he puts every ones life in danger and pulls these ass hole stunts to get back by. This guy is weak and doesn’t last long. Tonight I had no patience and passed him back and in the same fashion he took me back. It almost resulted in crashing an innocent competitor and I apologized as I cut to the inside.

So now I was passed the ass mountain bike guy. All I had left was the leader of the B group and master rider. On the third lap I took him and also picked off a A rider in the process. I took off as fast as I could muster and it worked. They just let me go. All I had to do was hold on.

Though out the second lap I lead a bunch of people and there was no one in front of me to pass so I just tried to keep it smooth. So smooth that on the last lap I felt like maybe I relaxed a bit too much and felt pressure from behind. I attacked the barriers and hills. On the last set of triple barriers I accidentally stepped on one of them and I crashed. It was at substantial speed so my bike shot into the air and landed about ten feet from me. I picked up the bike and the handle bars were bent and the brakes were twisted. I started to repair.

Just as I got back going the entire group was passing me back. Then I got on and my chain was off. I peddled frantically and luckily the chain caught the ring and jumped back on. I took off after all the guys I just passed.

On the last run up the leader of the master group broke his saddle and I decide to get back what ii had lost. I charged to the finish line catching everyone that I was leading over except for 1 A rider. If I would not have crashed I would of places 3rd.

Now it is Thursday and if I can survive not getting fired and can go cash in my prize from last night I might be able to make a party that I was invented to but had to decline due to a hardship I am experiencing. Tally ho and get well soon sun!

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