2 Races in Missoula

This morning I am sitting at the Break Espresso with not one but two-day olds and a cup of coffee. The day old selection at 6 a.m. is quite good. I scored an almond croissant and a lemon scone. If I wanted I could also score a patented Break Carmel Roll … Yummy! On the way in I drove by the spot where someone was killed last week and to see all the signs and flowers gave me a somber feeling and I was glad that I didn’t bike by this morning (Marcy wanted to go for a ride). It would be weird to go by doing the same thing that ended a life. So let us think about some good stuff; Cyclocross Racing this weekend in Missoula. Today at McCormick Park and tomorrow at Playfair Park .

I am now just finishing up the almond croissant :)… The first race of the weekend will be at McCormick Park and Osprey Stadium. This will be an exciting event as there will be podium girls, beer, music, and an announcer to get the crowd going. Did I mention that the premier race will be under the lights? I will be in the Masters’ category (hopefully) and will be an hour before that at 6. This is good news for me as Wednesday nights have proven that I can not race cat A, although I like posing as a contender.

Ok, now I am on to my lemon scone… The second race is Sunday morning at Playfair Park, 3100 block of Russell Street, Missoula. This too is exciting because it is right in Missoula. There is no excuse to miss it! The hard thing about this race is that it is going to be run in under 15 hours from the day before. I like that! Like the tour!

Ok, finishing things up now. So there you have it a race weekend in Missoula Montana. I am hoping to keep my mind open and erase all the pain from the last two Cyclocross races and focus on some healthier barriers. Trying not to think that I am the slowest crosser in town I will explore the feeling deep down inside that I could be just as fast as the rest of the pack. If not … well, racing is just cool!

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