Rain, Finally … Way To Go Bill

Way To GoA couple days ago I arrived home for lunch aboard my single speed Trek-erizer! As I prepare my pasta the mail man stops by with a package. I think to myself, "more bike parts". But it was not, actually it was a package from the Way To Go Club . Every week I log my commute miles to and from work and they tally them up. Apparently I had reached a milestone and was receiving a nifty travel mug, a sticker, and a free caffeine ride at break espresso. Now that I am without a car and it is raining today (I must ride) it is nice to know that I will be rewarded.

Yes, as I sit here getting ready for work it has started to rain. You would think it is a good thing with all the wildfires filling the valley with smoke. Instead of the cool refreshing smell of sweet rain it is a chocking smell of burnt wood. My thought is sore and if the air does not clear up it may get worse.

On tap this weekend is a trip to Idaho for a mountain bike race and tonight is the Thursday Night Ride. I think my normal mountain bike will be staying home in favor of my Trek-erizer since it is supposed to rain all day. Cheerio!

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