Cyclocross Bike Project Part II

A week ago I scored a decent deal online for a cyclocross frame and since then I have been trying to piece together a rag tag cyclocross bike so I can compete in the Missoula Cyclocross Series this fall. My Fetish frame arrived yesterday and I spent the night putting what parts that would fit off my road bike. So what I have now is a frame, deraileurs, crank, pedals, and cable guide. That is it! Looks like this project will be a little larger than I originally thought. Feel free to comment!

My first impression of the frame is that it feels real heavy and I don’t mean just a little bit. Also the paint job has a lot to be desired. The decals are not stuck on correctly. All this can be expected though for a frame that costs $199.00.

Today I am expecting a shipment from Price Point which only includes things that I can not put on the bike yet. Small piddley things! Tomorrow I am hoping for the fork but what ties it all together is going to be the freehub body and the headset. These Items are coming from AirBomb.Com .

AirBomb is shaping up to be the big disappointment in this project. I ordered on September 6th which was 6 days ago. It still has not shipped! I emailed support and they said that I would not get charged until they get the stuff together and it ships out. I check on their ship status page (which they claim that the order was placed the 9th) and it says that the shipment will go out in 3 to 6 days.

So that is about it and the cash flow is out of commission. It looks like some miscellaneous parts will have to come out of grocery money. Excuse to diet, right? The latest cash flow stopper the vehicle which is currently sitting at the apartment leaking oil after blowing a gasket or something last night.

Your Thoughts

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