Blog From Camp

I just finished off a gigantic plate of pasta and fresh parmesan cheese. Camp is all set up and I am just about to hit the sack. It is a comfy 45 degrees and I am leaving off the fly so I can drift off to sleep under the stars. The King of the Hill race is tomorrow and I am all set to race.

I took it easy today and got to the Showdown Ski Area around 7:30 p.m. Ross rode with me from Helena and that made the trip a lot more enjoyable.

I pre rode the course and the entire loop took me about 30 minutes. It is a real short loop and tomorrows race should be real short provided I don’t crash.

The downhill sections are real dangerous so I am concerned about my friends. I don’t expect a good result because it is short and I am taking the down hills extremely tentatively.

So signing off from camp where all I hear is the rushing stream right beside my tent. Pleasant dreams!

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