Anticipated Weekend

Altitude has its Advantages. Nestled in the heart of the Little Belt Mountains you’ll find Showdown Ski Area . Since 1936, Showdown has been known for its family friendly atmosphere and amazing all natural snow.

Hello from the Break Espresso in downtown Missoula Montana where I sit looking out the window at a beautiful sunny day in its infancy. I have in front of me a muffin of unknown species but I do know that it has chocolate chips in it. It seems to be a mix between a bran muffin and a chocolate chip cookie, quite tasty with a cup-o-joe. This is a big weekend with two big events. The first big event is a race on top of Kings Hill Pass just north of White Sulfur Springs and the other big event is the arrival of my friends from New York.

Today is building up to be a busy one. I have to gather supplies with no cash on hand and manage to make my way to the Showdown Ski Area where Ill camp and race Sunday morning at the King of the Hill Mountain Bike Challenge .

Once I have raced I must rush home to pick up my friends from New York as they arrive around 4 PM. It will be quite a day Sunday as it will seem that the race will not end until I make it back before 4.

So here I sit now enjoying the benefits of caffeine making Citi Bank’s grocery list and prepare to get Citi Bank gas before setting out on this week ends big adventure. Life goes on so don’t go on with out life! What’s in your Wallet?

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