It Was a Good Summer

It was a good summer. At 70 degrees it was tee shirt weather. Spring started on Wednesday and by Thursday it was summer. The Thursday Night Mountain Bike Ride was very well attended as we rode over Mount Jumbo Saddle and over to Marshall Grade. We even rode up to the snow line and down some new single-track on the Sheep Mountain Trail. Now today is the last day of summer because fall starts tonight as we go back into winter. Tomorrow as the snow flies once again and the temperatures drop I will be headed to Phillipsburgh for my Pintler Passes Ride a 84 mile ride over two mountain passes, one the Continental Divide.

Today is payday in which I will be getting 10 less per week than normal due to some tax adjustments. Already I don’t eat well enough so what I should cut is not determined yet. My priorities are cycling, food, bills, entertainment, website & communication. So I guess the reasonable solution is to lose the telephone connection and my powerful People PC service. This will save me enough per month to take up the slack. My next phone will be Skype.

Its off to work were I am working hard to sew up my development projects so that I can be a position that is not so obligated. My work is at a point were without a business plan and a marketing agenda it will go underused and not reach its full potential. Some businesses are at a point were they are too small for todays technology requirements. Wouldn’t a grant to get these small businesses up to speed a good idea. Only an idea; I haven’t put much thought into it so don’t put to much stock into it. My ultimate goal is to have my development used by people in a way that sets apart my employer from the pretenders. At work I have written a application that takes an XML feed off of the States servers to produce a tourism site. It is cool to see upcoming events, find events and things to do, and chat with others about the best place to go.

Have a good weekend everyone and thanks for reading my blog.

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