Pintler Pass This Weekend

The future looks bright with three rides planned from now into the weekend. Tonight is the Thursday Night Ride with my buddies and this weekend starts with my Pintler Road Ride 2006. To end out the weekend the Deer Creek Sneak MTB Ride is planned for Sunday.

Tonight is the third ride this season and I expect to see a huge turnout die to the best weather we have seen so far this year. I plan to start early and do some riding beforehand. All in all I am hoping to spend at least three hours in the saddle tonight.

The Pintler Road Ride is this weeks big ride. So far I am going by myself and the route can be viewed by clicking on the image in this blog. The route goes over Pintler Pass twice and up to No Name Pass just south of Anaconda. Ill be challenged a little by the distance which should be around 83 miles but the big challenge will be the 7,000 feet of climbing thrown in due to the pass climbs. I am getting excited blogging this story. I love riding the passes, part of the reason I moved back to Montana.

To ease the sore muscles I plan to meet up with some friends for this year’s Deer Creek Sneak which will run on Sunday. It is a small ride but a ride were we all meet up after a long winter. Last year I had to take my road bike because I did not have a working mountain bike. I broke down numerous times. Lets hope this year is different.

Well it is off to work as I count down the minutes till I am out in the sun and the dirt riding the trails where I belong.

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