Starry Night Rides II

[image]The clear skies let all the warmth from Thursdays beautiful day float away and in it place was cold temperatures as we gathered at the Blue Mountain Recreation Area parking lot for Starry Night Rides II. In attendance were Larry D., Bill S., Dave R., Ross B., and myself. The cold temperatures were a blessing as the trail conditions were excellent.

We rode up the switchbacks just above the meadow climb to the South West of the parking lot and then continued on up to the upper parking lot. Ross was on his first night ride ever and was learning the ropes. Too much clothing and you roast; not enough and you risk freezing your chain rings off.

We did a couple smaller loops that included the enchanted forest ridge downhill twice. I did not mind and bombed it as usual. It is so refreshing to have someone around to pick up the pieces in case I fall on my head.

The ride went great and without any incidents. We finished up the ride doing the lower meadow downhill to the road to the East of the area then back to the vehicles via the field. Dave brought the post ride beverages and we went over a few nights riding details before we headed our separate ways.

Next week is Thanksgiving so there will be no Starry Night until the following week. I am available for a night ride on Tuesday so give me a call or email. Don't get flabby; we climb again in two weeks! Be there or be warm!

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