The Great Creamer Mystery

Here I sit with a cup-o-Joe in hand at the Break Espresso. I am over my dilemma finally after getting down to business with my things to do list for today. I run into this brainteaser every morning as I try to put cream in my coffee. It’s those karasks (what ever they call those insulated containers) that they use. You open one up to pour but it doesn’t pour so you turn the lid the other way. Nothing! Somehow though you manage to wiggle and jiggle it enough to finally get some cream out.

Heck you don’t even see it pour out; you just end up with creamer in your coffee. Not to mention the fact that you are always the one who empties the damn thing out. But with that mystery proposed let me say that I am finally back on track with a new set of skis. Last weekend you may recall that I broke my current set.

So now I am planning ski trips this weekend and a bike ride tonight with the Thursday Niters. Oh Starry Nights! Last night was a great ride as I went out to preview the course. The traction is as good as it gets with minimal snow on the trails. Surprisingly enough Marcy even found enough to complete the loop with me.

Yea, I thought she could get out and I could do our little loop that we are doing tonight. Instead we ended up doing the summer loop and now she sits home recovering. She is doing real well and the run seems to have her back to her old self and in shape.

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