In the Valley

The recovery of last weekends climb up Lolo peak is complete and now I am preparing for my road cycling months here in Montana. April and May, I usually hit the road to get into shape and to get into a better shape. Being poor, all I could get to prepare my road bike was two cheap tires and with those, I will overhaul my bike tomorrow. This means getting the mountain bike somewhat going so I can ride to work on something that is not tricked out with clip-less pedals and a greasy big chain ring. If you are a commuter who likes to keep their pant legs clean, you know what I mean.

This Friday I will complete my days off from training by going on a run and this weekend I am planning a 50-mile bike loop or mountain pass ride somewhere. I am thinking Lolo Pass since it is close and I have never explored beyond the pass itself. The weather is turning spring again but the rains are supposed to keep the spring feelings at bay. Let us hope April will be better.

Last night was FFOL and it was just mom and I. Kathi came in a little later with some digital photo questions that I must research a little further today for her. In addition, my aunt Paula needs a map to Iowa for her swaray. Therefore, I better run to work and get busy there. Cheers to the adventuress today; May they find the week adventurous.

Your Thoughts

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