Its Friday … Back 2 Lolo

I am once again going to Lolo Peak. It is a cloudy overcast day around 25 degrees (hardly the spring weather we have been having) but I am tired of waiting. I am going up today. No matter the the weather, I am going up today! It is supposed to get up to 50 today.

I do want to do some photography so since the trek is 14 miles; I expect an all day adventure and maybe all night. I am going to take Marcy but she will have to wait by the pack if things get too serious and scary. My route is to go up the South Fork of Lolo Creek … see map!

This is the last day of my run a mountain for 31 days straight campaign. It is a record and I will take three days off from exercise after today. My next project is to cycle for 31 days on the road to get into summer biking shape. On the weekends I hope to do some great mountain pass rides and some hikes on the next day; possibly some camping.

Your Thoughts

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