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Stark Mountain This Weekend

Today I am planning a hike up Stark Mountain. I plan to start by an access road off of Nine Mile Road. The access road seems to be #5515, but if that isn’t accessible, I will go to where the ridge cuts down to Nine Mile Road at Cedar Creek. According to the map it will be about a 4 mile climb.

Last week things went pretty well and I have finished up my first phase of my interview server for MARS Stout. There is still no sign that they want to hire me, so I still work for Work Force. Still a temp. Oh well, that isn’t as nearly as depressing as missing First Friday Gallery Night.

Last night as I was coming back from the hike at Water Works Hill, I noticed a lot of people downtown walking around. Then it hit me, I forgot about First Friday Gallery Night. Damn! I couldn’t join in because I was in my hiking grunge and had to go to Big Lots for today’s hike snacks.

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and I plan to hit the Board Room with Mike from work. It sounds like fun, I cant believe no one here hosts Super Bowl Parties at their homes. Out East I was always at a Super Bowl Party. If it is not the Griz, they are just not interested.

I better hit the trails, have a good weekend. Signing out form Missoula Montana.


Total Miles: 47.2 miles
Total Climb: 110 feet
Bilinkg is goin ok, new cyclo-cross tires should make things better.

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