Back From Squaw, Week in Review

Mom's computer was last weeks big project. She sent me her computer and I diagnosed it as having a bad CPU fan. It was making a huge racket because the bearings went out due to dirt and dust clogging the heat sink. Well, that is my diagnosis. I ordered her a new fan, heat sink, and a cd burner. Everything went smooth. In a matter of a hour I had it all back together and burning a cd. I packaged it up and sent it out, and that brings me to another project, this one not going so smooth.

My town bike project went arye. I ordered two cross tires and a fender. The tires would not fit so I had to send them back. Now this is what relates this to the previous project. Did you know that the US Postal Service is cheaper than UPS. Yes it is true as my 4 pound package with tires in it and no insurance costs the same to send UPS as it was to send my moms computer, a 20 pound package with $500.00 worth of insurance. So, send packages with US Postal and shy away from the ritzy Big Brown, with their fancy tracking systems.

Last Sunday marked the start of 8 straight days and counting for a hike a day. It started at Blue Mountain where I got my latest photo postings. I then did the South Sentinel Ridge, Sentinel Gulch, Sentinel Ridge, and twice up Waterworks which I have named the "Quick and Dirty". Yesterday was the eighth as I took on Squaw Peak. I will be posting those pictures soon.

What is up for next week? Well I hope to ride my bike at all times and put the beetle to rest. Up until now I have had problems getting the bike on the road. Flats, ice, and other project hampered my efforts. This week hopefully the right tires will come in the mail and I will be safer in the streets of Missoula.

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