Bass Creek Today

Marcy and I

I have just posted new photos at my Photo Site and so I think I’ll post some thughts. I haven’t checked out my bank balance lately and that is partly because I broke down and got some food in the last couple of days and now I am afraid to look.

Today Marcy and I went hiking at Bass Creek in the Roots. It started out just a trip to check out the trail heads. I was driving around because I did not want to hike, due to the smog.

We arrived at the trail head of Kootenai Creek and made a note to hike there later on. We then went on to Bass creek, back towards Missoula. There I decide to take a little walk and take Marcy to let her run. The next thing I know we are hammering up this ridge.

The ridge took us to a lookout of the beautiful Mountains of the Bitterroots. It was stunning. I think the pictures I got are of a unarmed peak across tot he South of Bass Creek Lookout.

This last work week has been taxing. My car broke down one morning and I thought I was going to have to put a bullet in my head to end it all. Things got better to only get a very small paycheck. I have this doomed feeling that I may have to quit the job I love to get one that will pay me more. If I don’t earn more my dreams will soon fade away.

Tomorrow morning I want to do a sunrise hike somewhere in the roots again. I must get some chores done also so I will not be able to do anything big.

Well happy weekend everyone, must get to bed.

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