Bank Account Finally Released

Whats new from the lodge? I am remembering when Alden and I went skiing and ate cookies at the lodge pictured here.

This morning I woke up at 4Am and could not get back to sleep. Whats up with that. I am so hungary that I could not keep sleeping. I just lay here wondering what I am going to do for breakfast this morning. And … if miracoulsly, I do find something, there is no hope for lunch. There is no way I will make it through today at work. I have to eat. I am consumed by the thought. I have plans and I want to do so many things. I want to work, take photos, and stay in shape. All these things can not happen while starving to death.

I have come up with a plan for today. So now I sit here typing this out, and why? Well I got on-line this morning to see if my bank account has been released. It had been frozen as you probably read prior to this post. With it unfroze I can access a little cash to eat with. I need to get back my wits, so as to make decent decisions on how to get out of this financial mess.

I am going grocery shopping this morning, I can no longer sit here and think about it. I am so hungary.

… Fast forward to 5:30 p.m. I am just getting off work. I was working late on some javascript and am glad to announce that it is working well. Tonight is a quickie hike with crampons (due to the rain), and then a trek to the store to get food. Screw all those who I owe money. I am getting food!

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