A True Monday

[image]Good morning from the Liquid Planet. I think today's blog should include a nice picture to start the week off. I got up this morning and came into town for breakfast, to answer emails, send off resumes, and blog on my site. The weather is nice but my mood seems to be wavering between insanity and acceptance. I cant wit to have a job, this is crazy.

I read once and I cant remember who said it but it goes, ”To thine self be true“. I am thinking today about my needs at this point to live without a job. What do I need? Are those needs going to get met? How do I feel? What do I need to do to take care of those feelings? What are my feelings telling me about my direction and where I need to go?

I am going with my instincts. Not others expectations, but my instincts. Sometimes the demands of others can confuse and disorient our instincts. I think I have been doing that all summer. My grandmother can attest to that. In doing this I believe that I am true to others only because I am trying to stay true to myself. I think you can lie to others but never – never lie to yourself.

Your Thoughts

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