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Just in Time

There is a gift for everyone in each relationship that comes our way. Not just human relationships but our relationship with the world around us. Sometimes the gift is a behavior we are learning to acquire: detachment, self-esteem, confidence, setting boundaries, or owning our power in another way. Sometimes a hardship can be a gift – like unemployment.

Some relationships trigger healing in us. I can say that this summer has enabled me to heal from the wounds of that last corporate job. It has triggered healing from issues of the past and stocked the band aide cabinet for the future.

Then there is the humans (lol – I mean people) we live with and around. Sometimes we find ourselves learning the most important lessons from the people we least expect. For instance feed back from a riding partner. Relationships may teach us about loving ourselves or someone else. Hold on mom, I am not in a relationship. Back to my thought …Or maybe we will learn to let others love us.

Today I am a little uptight and anxious about unemployment and the possibility of starving and living in the car. Sometime we are not aware of the lesson that we are learning. We must believe that the lesson is there and understand that when it is time the gift will be precisely what we need.

Montana 34, N. Arizona 22

(12:39 PM ) Lex Hilliard rushed for a career high 132 yards and a touchdown and Craig Ochs passed for 227 yards and two scores in Number Ten Montana’s 34-to-22 Big Sky Conference victory over Northern Arizona this afternoon in Missoula.

Montana is now 7-and-2 overall, 4-and-1 in conference.

New ski resort envisioned on Lolo Peak

(12:33 PM) A long-time rancher wants to transform his acreage on Lolo Peak into a world class ski resort. Tom Maclay has already hired a manager for his project and has carved out several ski runs on his three thousand acres overlooking the city of Missoula.

He also knows where he’d like to put the main lodge and warming huts.

But Maclay needs to lease land in the Lolo and Bitterroot national forests above his property, since his land only reaches six thousand feet. He’s also looking for broad community support.

Business leaders say developing a ski area in Missoula would only work if the resort was large enough to attract out-of-state visitors.

The national forests haven’t been receptive to the deal, but the Lolo forest is revising its forest management plan this spring.

Tonights Hike

(6:33 p.m.) Tonights hike Marcy and I hiked up between the Sentinel Mountains. We did the trail up between the peaks and then circled around and topped the South Peak. What a great view tonight with the sunset just stunning. I hope to get in a little Cold Fusion programming tonight and some web work before I go to bed.

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