Ho Hum, Another Summer Day

Well this morning I feel like a major disappointment. I wanted to see Lucy and Niko off at the airport but things went wrong and I missed them. The thing that makes it worse is that I promised to be there. I feel so terrible.

Today I am taking a day off from extreme activity. I will work on getting some things done that I want to do. I want to figure out how to hang all my maps at home and also get a compression bag and a fly for my tent. Another thing I would like to do is hag at the Liquid and play on the Internet … update my hikes.

Tonight Paul is coming to the Thursday Night Bike Club and I hope he has fun. I always do and until last week found a great new place to ride. Tonight is in the Lincoln Hills Area and I don’t know what else we can do there.

Tomorrow is Friday and I will probably go riding and plan the weekend more. I want to do Sheep Mountain and hike Triangle Peak. Paul and I have to plan our trip to the Crazies also.

Your Thoughts

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