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This morning I awake from numerous dreams none of which I can remember. Yesterday I had vertigo after a morning ride. I can say this. It wasn’t the ice cream I had right after breakfast. lol. Why because I ate the rest of it last bight before bed and this morning I feel fine. I do feel a little ruff from the extreme activities from last week and last weekend in particular.

Last Sunday I climbed Warren Peak in the Pintlars with Paul, Ethan, and another guy. I cant remember his name but I do know he used to work in Denali National Park in Alaska. The hike was strenuous and long … around 10 hours. The day before I did a very strenuous bike ride. I did Mount Dean Stone. In my attempt I ran amuck and got lost. I had to hike a bike up Mitten Mountain before riding the ridge over to Dean Stone. Very strenuous activity.

I have most of my bills paid off and CITI along with MBNA are completely paid off. The VW loan (my car) is under 10,000 along with back child support. So I should be sitting pretty. My only tarnishes are my student loan and this computer load from Best Buy. I must pay off Best Buy before one year but for now it is no interest. Now I just have to find a job.

Well today I hope to get out to do the Wallman trail out at the Rattlesnake Wilderness Area. Yesterday i took Paul riding out there and we saw a bear crossing the wetlands high up in the corridor. That was before we flatted twice getting to. Last night I met up with him and his family Niko and Lucy for some pizza and bowling. I started to have fun but after a beer started to feel angry and resentful. I don’t know why. Well I am starving and I cant remember my dream last night so I better sign off.

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