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Giving Up

Mood: Grouchy
Music: Enya – Miss Clare Remembers
Food: Blueberry Scone w/ Coffee
Setting: Work

I think it is time to give up on morning runs. Just too dark. I plan to do whatI did last winter and that is go to work early and get off in time to do a mountain run in the evening. Just the other day i was Jonesing for a mountain bike ride. Next thig you know we will be skiing. I sit here with scone and coffee waiting for that ambition that is supposed to come over me and enable me to work. If it dosent come I will just try to survive untill work is over. Tick Toc…Tic Tok. I woke up this morning with a wicked headache around 4 or 5 am. So I hope ya-all have a good day

Your Thoughts

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