Description Of Good Weekend

This weekend was wonderful. Friday night I went to a Halloween party at my friend Sean's house. We handed out candy to 250 children. Why so many … he said that there neiborhood is a popular place during Halloween and a lot of inner city kids show up. All these mini vans full of trick or treaters. It is a real weird situation. I am not used to that kind of thing. As a child I knew all the houses I visited. I cant imagine boarding a bus to go to Billings to invade a neiborhood that I did not know.

Saturday I traveled to Plattsburgh. Some of the stretches of the New York Thruway that goes through the Adirondacks are soooo long. Some times I had the car at 120 MPH and others I had the cruise control set at 100. I know all the police hideouts along the way. I used to travel that stretch every weekend. Once in Plattsburgh I got all involved in cleaning and vacuuming my car for the drop off at Scratch Club (Scams Club). We dropped my car off for new tires then we went out for dinner.

We drove from place to place to only find that they were closed. Finally we settled upon Hitchcocks. It is a pub and sports bar. I had a huge burger and fries. It was good to be with friends again.

After that we went to the new Starbucks to see how that was. It wasn't built completely yet so we headed over to Borders Books. It has a new coffee pavilion off the side encompassed by glass. I noticed that as you site you can see all the weather clouds coming and going across the North Country. I found a Adirondack Picture book and some other books by Richard Back to enjoy with my big coffee and cookie. We had a great and relaxing time there. Very nice.

Paul and I dropped Lucy off at the Limberises, her parents new house in the evening and we returned to a used book store downtown. We browsed through old books and found a lot of cool stuff. Some books were from the horse and buggy times. We found some great books on Alaska and talked about going in two years for an adventure. After the grueling wait (Paul found some books to buy) we headed back to Scratch Club to pick up my car.

That evening we had Lucy's Birthday Dinner at the Limberis's. I enjoyed the Greek tea and the olives. The squash was awesome as well. Niko enjoyed the game were you keep the balloon from touching the ground. It was fun. After dinner we jumped to Paul and Lucy's house for the desert. You cant beat Ben and Jerry's Ice cream. That was wonderful as well.

One of the authors that i like is E. M. Forester. While we were at the used books store I browsed his books and noticed “A Room With a View”. I suggested that we watch the movie and Paul thought that it was a good idea as well. We stopped by the local wine shop for some wine. Paul left it up to me to choose. I immediately chose Shiraz by Yellowtail (cheap). Although I did find some by Rosemont Estates. The guy behind the counter agreed. His face lit up when I lifted the bottle and gestured. He said that Yellowtail cant hold a candle to the Rosemont. The guy was an expert! I felt proud that I even knew such things. When we arrived at the house I said that the wine was inspired by Monica, my friend that introduced me. Paul and Lucy had not tried Shiraz before. Ahhhhh that comfy feeling….the movie, a chic flick that even I found too bland. And I like those types of movies. Room with a View is very dry!

Sunday morning I woke up to find out that my rims on my car were screwed up by Scratch Club. Paul and I took them in for a good argument with the staff. Not much I can do living down here and not being a member. It seems though that Paul has them admitting that they screwed up. After that cobossal we went hiking at Rattlesnake Mountain. It was slightly raining but the hike was good. Driving back home sucked. No money (had to borrow 55 cents from Paul for the tolls), no sleep, and raining most of the way.

It was a good weekend. I cant wait till I get back up there. Possibly for a job interview some day.

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