Two Years Ago Today

I have been keeping a web diary since college. I think that it would be nice to visit the past so that the future may or not make sense. If anything just a laugh to see how things turned out. Two years ago today:

Monday, September 3, 2001 11:18 AM Well, I am about to go out the door to go on another mountain bike ride. I have rode this whole holiday break (Labor Day). The most recent news is that I am in debt more than I thought. I am on a plan now to pay everything off in 8 years. So until then, no-one ask me to visit please…I am not rich. I do get to ride all the time and that is all I can ask for. I have also decided to have a long distance relationship with my soul mate Suzy. Sure we will never see each other but our friendship has made it through the worst of times. We have so much fun when she visits once a month, it only seems natural. Next weekend we hope to hang out together here and go to a concert in the park. In two weeks my friends Paul and Lucy come down to visit. In three weeks I will do my first Expert race in over 6 years(yes, I finally got downgraded), should be fun. Well it is on to my other love in this life … Mountain Biking… good-bye!

How things have changed.

Your Thoughts

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