Week of September 2nd, 2003

Friday: I am up this morning to get my books done and to get those pictures posted. I couldn’t sleep so maybe I can get stuff done. Hopefully, I can get a run in and maybe even go to work today. Today’s thought has already popped into my head. Definition of a good friend … a person who REALLY knows you and still wants to hang out with you! It is a saying that I remember seeing somewhere.

This Weekend [updated]: This weekend is still so far away. I had to deal with something on Thursday and the day got worse as it went on. These things happen and I will rebound. I am not feeling well and may have to take tomorrow off from work to get better. Maybe even get caught up on some things if I were to go to VT on Saturday. I have reserved a room in Williston Vermont so that is covered. The plan so far is to hike Mansfield, hang in Burlington, then crash in Williston. Actually, I want to hit some old haunts. I would like to check out the EMS (Real Large One), Muddy Waters, Red Onion, just to name a few.

Freddie V.S. Jason: Tuesday night’s movie night was fun. No, the movie was not the greatest but to be out with friends having a good time is priceless. We all met at Pizza Villa next to the Stratford cinema. In attendance was Lisa, her friend (I think I know the name but I will just say friend so I don’t screw up), Pat (roommate), Lawerence (the Canadien … not really), and Ray (my cubical mate). The movie, well I don’t care too much for hack em up movies but it was entertaining. The two things I liked were the humor and the theatrical effects of the movie. Sure, the movies sucks, but it was done in a way that was very moving in an artistic sense. Using colors, shadows, music, and lighting was done very intelligently. Hard to believe. But then again, I just had some champaign. Ill leave that story until later. Goodnight.

Tuesday: Good morning all. I am back from my trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I just realized that this week will be one day shorter. Yahoo! Next weekend I am looking forward to Hiking Vermonts Highest and walk one of the finest ridge walks in New England. What happens after that will be determined by Paul and I as we attack Burlington, Vermont with vengeance. Today I can’t think and I do know I must get some laundry done. Oh yea; it is movie night.

Wednesday: Happy hump day for everyone. Marcy got into a fight during this morning’s run. Running is going very well. I am almost fully recovered from this weekend already. I feel great. Today I get questioned by the FBI about something. It is job related and is required for me to hold a certain position. Although necessary, it seems like I am being harassed. This weekend is all set as I have reserved a room in Williston, which is next to Burlington.

Thoughts: Today I think about my friends Paul and Lucy (Niko too, but I have not got to know him personally yet).Most everyone down here is focused on making money. Money, Money, Money. My friends Paul and Lucy think they are rich because they can eat well and be happy in the town of Plattsburgh with a house and family. I don’t think about it … I believe that they are rich. They work at jobs because it is what they believe in and they are making a difference. I believe that they are rich. I am rich too, with a good friend like that.

Thursday: Today is a bad day. I haven’t exercised all day, and I just came home after work feeling not well. I usually go running in the morning. It helps me repair for the day and I get a lot of thinking done at the same time. Today I have not run yet and it is time for work. I had to deal with something this morning and it has me bummed out. I think I will run anyway and go in late. I hate it when things get so backed up that it seems impossible to get caught up. I haven’t even paid the bills for this month yet. I need a mental day off.

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