Party Invite

I just received an email from a co worker that got hired the same day as I. The funny part is that both our names are William Martin. The company screwed up and sent us to diffrent places until our bosses didnt recognize us and got suspicious. To top it all off … when I go on travel, he ends up with my re-imbursement. lol. Anyway the invite is as follows:

Everyone, Please come and enjoy yourselves at my new place. My wife and I recently bought a house in Wallingford and would love to have all our friends and co-workers over for a nice cookout. Families are more than welcome. I know that I have missed several people on this distribution list so please feel free to invite those around whom I may have missed and would love to see attend. See attached for info and directions. See you all Saturday.

Sounds like fun but I am not part of his working group. I would go if I knew someone there. Anybody whant to go just come by my desk (most of you are not members yet) or PM me. Or … take a chance that i will read this again and post a comment from the link below. This goes for friends outside work also!

Your Thoughts

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