West Rock Rocks

Not west rock, just a pretty photo

Today I feel stronger than ever. I did the backside loop of West Rock. The loop starts in reverse to the one I did yesterday… It begins in Westville and continues around west Rock on the east side. It mostly side hill single track with some short steep climbs. Just enough to expand the lungs like a vacuum cleaner bag. Leaving the lake on the north side a short loop takes you at first on some flat and back on some rock pathways. This stretch is extremely fast and has flat sections. Once back towards the lake the trail swings uphill and the hill climb starts on the water tower access road. Around the water tank and the first run up occurs. This hike a bike section is about 50 yards of heart pounding and slippery climbing. On top you mount the bike for a quick road accent to the highest point of the loop. Heading East on the road takes you to a gravel road that ends as soon as it begins and from there on out it is tremendously technical. At first there are the rock gardens then there is the valley which has to be run down and up because of the steepness of the terrain. This is the last of the three dismounts. Once on top of the second ridge there are views of route 15 and all of Westville. Also one can catch the sunset over the valley. Back on a twist tour de France road section takes you to the top of West Rock itself before plummeting to the valley below on one of the scariest downhills around. From top to bottom is a quick 3 minutes and then it is back home for a recovery smoothie.

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