West Rock Raider

Not west rock, again, just a pretty photo

Today I feel a bit grouchy but I cant complain. Yesterday began the same way but ended up pretty well.

After work I headed out to the West Rock loop. The loop starts out with a gut wrenching climb up the ridge before crossing over the west rock tunnel. The ridge road is three miles in length and the last smooth rolling section of the entire loop.

The decent off the ridge is one of the finest side hill single tracks in CT.

Then comes the twisted woods single track.

After that a 1 mile long flat trail give you top speed of around 20 mph in anaerobic mode if one wants to go hard.

The rest of the loop includes some ups and side hill before coming out in Westville.

A good ride that usually takes around two hours and leaves the rider totally exhausted. Just what I needed.

After my ride I went to the movies with my friend Lisa. We got their early so we had time to catch up on what each of us has been up to. It seems that she is doing well and I am happy after the way Sikorsky treated her.

The movie itself was mildly entertaining (probably due to my mind being somewhere else) but you cannot fault the Laura Croft character. I really like her strength and athleticism and her attitude. Way better than James Bond.

The day ended well after starting off slow. I hope today will be the same and I can get caught up after that nice weekend I had. Maybe a little 3 Doors Down will help, I heard them on the radio last night and now I have a CD I have used for motivation so far today. Has anyone heard of them?

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