Memories of Mount Marcy

I just got word from my friend Paul that he just did Mount Marcy in NY. I thought that I would jot down a couple of notes.

I remember that we did this mount two times during the winter. This was one of them.

The previous day we spent setting up camp at a lean to and climbing a little practice mountain. I decided to go tobogganing down and got all wet. I almost got hypothermia but was brought back to life with a cup of home made potatoes soup back at camp.

I remember skinning up this mountain. It took a long time. Mount Marcy is one of the longer high peaks to reach in the northeast. I wanted to summit and to talk to my spirit the wind. I almost panicked when I couldn’t find my way back to him due to pour visibility. I started to yell and he did also until we found each other.

Coming down was very scary. I really feared for my life most of the time as the trail was too narrow to do any braking. I remember that coming out was hard and we couldn’t have gone any further. I remember going for pizza in Lake Placid after. I would of not remembered this if I had done it alone. So I guess I remember this because I did it with my good friend Paul. Click Here for Pics of the Trip

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