Hiking Pictures Posted

I just posted hiking pictures from this weekend. Kostia, Lilia, Monica, and I did Bear Mountain here in CT. It all started out with a great breakfast by the Routeski’s compliments of Lilia, and Kostia. After that and a little treat at McDonalds (ice cream) we headed up Bear Mountain. All of the pics posted were from the hike on or near the top. We had a great time and the hike went by fast. That evening we relaxed to some pizza from Bartucci’s and some Apple Martinies made by Monica. She made the best alcholic beverage I think I have had. This drink was so yummy and at the same time pure alcholol. I had a great time. The night ended when as I arrived home my friend Ed Smith from Plattsburg payed a visit. We sat up and watched the Tour of France and then prepaired for the mountain bike race the next day. Stay tuned for that story and pictures.

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