Uncle Bill Visits

I got up this morning at 6 to get ready to meet Uncle Bill and Aunt Cheryl. We had the complimentary continential breakfast. It was a good thing I ate like a pig because I ran them all over town before finally having a nice little dinner at the Book Trader. Before we left though we sat dow and I showed them my alaska pictures. I ran them all through the neiborhoods and Yale University. We rode the Trolley and then drove up the East Rock. We called mom from the top. I had to do a simulation shift at 3 so I had to drop them off and head to work at 1:30. I think we all had a great time. Last night I reported:

Uncle Bill and Aunt Cheryl came into town around 7:30. It was sure nice seeing them. It has been almost 20 years. They are as I remember. They had just come from the cape and Martha’s Vineyard. We went out to Dakota Steak House for dinner. There we found what Uncle Bill was craving. Chopped Steak. I had the same and it was pretty good. Afterward we went down to the beach and listened to the waves come crashing in. The breeze was very cool and refreshing. I bid ado to them until tomorrow morning when I will meet up at 7 and take them on a tour of New Haven and where I live. They should be taking off around noon, when I will go to work. The only bad part is going to work and getting off at 8:30. Saturday is a hiking trip so this should be very interesting and fun.

This afternoon I reported:

Uncle Bill just called me from Rhode Island. They should be arriving here around 7:30. I better get cleaning up my place. They probably not visit here since they are staying at a motel. I offered for them to stay here. But anyway I plan to do dinner with them tonight and maybe breakfast and something before they take off.

Yesterday morning I reported:

Uncle Bill called me last night and said that they were in Nantuckit and will be visiting me on Thursday night instead. They cant stay vaery long but I will at least try to talk them into dinner and breakfast with a quick tour of Yale.

Yesterday I reported

Last night I received a phone call. It was my uncle Bill from Billings Montana. He asked me if I had talked to my grandmother recently. Of cource I had not so he told me that they were comming by for a visit. I kind of laughed and said where, I am in Connecticut. He told me that they were in Maine. So today, wednesday, he will be comming into New Have around 6pm. Wow, I have not expected this and I am kindof excited.

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