Ecola State Park Hike

Ecola State Park is a coastal park located on the Oregon coast, just north of Cannon Beach. It is a popular spot for visitors to explore and enjoy outdoor activities. The park features 9 miles of rugged and scenic trails that offer spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, the coastline and the nearby Tillamook Head. Here are some facts about hiking in Ecola State Park:

  1. The park has three main trails: the Clatsop Loop Trail, the Tillamook Head Trail and the Indian Beach Trail.
  2. The Clatsop Loop Trail is a 4.5 mile loop trail that runs along the coastline, offering stunning views of the ocean and the surrounding forests.
  3. The Tillamook Head Trail is an 8 mile out-and-back trail that leads hikers up to the summit of Tillamook Head and offers views of the coast from 1,000 feet above the sea.
  4. The Indian Beach Trail is a 1.5 mile loop trail that runs through a forested area and offers views of Indian Beach.
  5. The park also has several shorter trails, such as the Ecola Creek Trail, which is a 1.5 mile loop trail.

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