Exploring the History and Beauty of Cape Mears

Taking in the beautiful scenery and rich history of Cape Mears

Cape Meares is a rugged headland on the Oregon Coast, on the northern part of Tillamook Bay. It is between Nehalem Bay and Tillamook Bay, and named after William Mears, an English sailor who explored the area in 1846.

They built the lighthouse at Cape Meares in 1890 and was the first lighthouse to be built in Oregon. It is the second oldest surviving lighthouse on the Oregon coast and is still in operation today.

We know the area for its rugged coastline, which comprises rocky cliffs and sandy beaches. It is popular among visitors for its whale-watching and fishing opportunities.

The area also has a long history of logging, and was home to a large fish cannery in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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