As I look at the desolate scene before me, I can’t help but think about broken laws. Of course, the laws of nature. The branches in the dune stand stark and lifeless, violating the rule of life. The ocean scrub trees, bent and gnarled, are a testament to the force of the wind, powerful elements brought to their knees.

But as I ponder these thoughts, my mind wanders to the laws of humans. The laws we have created to govern ourselves, to protect us from the chaos of nature. And yet, even these laws are not infallible.

I think of the laws that we have broken, the laws that are broken every day. Riding an eMTB across a slice of non-motorized to access an island of moto trails. Minimally. More important; Laws of justice, of equality, of freedom. Laws that protect us, but are often twisted and manipulated to serve the interests of the few.

As the mist rolls in and the distant mountain fades from view, I am left with a sense of unease. A feeling that the laws we have created are fragile, that they are only as strong as our will to uphold them. And yet, in a world where even the laws of nature can be broken, how can we expect anything else?

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