Christmas Card

Coming clean. I automate everything. Including the posting of all blogs and media. Well, except for these words, which I added today. So yea, my real life is not is sync with social perceptions. I feel it is important to post bad things in life and not just the good. Social threads are depressing us and making us think everyone’s life is great … except ours. Life is ok right now, but not great. Mom’s in the hospital. It left dad to his own devices even though he doesn’t have any devices left. Almost like a homeless person with a unfamiliar home. Without mom, it is not home. Anyway, life is tough. I have to return to work today to get caught up and hoping something turns in their favor. Let’s all get over ourselves and move on… it will be us soon enough. Isn’t this card fun. Embrace the devil man.

Your Thoughts

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