Snow Log December 20th, 2022

It all started when the big devil storm rolled in and I needed to collect data on it. It was paramount that I get the missing pieces so that my partner and I could find a cure.

I was out quite a while when I got the message. My partner had made it back to home base. I wanted to turn back, but I made a discovery. evidence that “others” had made it out of the devil dust. So I set out to follow their tracks.

There were clues left behind. Maybe I finally found it. The way out. I kept going and a nagging thought started to take hold in my mind. What if it is a trap? What if it is a TRAP? When I came to, I had been walking for over an hour. It WAS a trap.

I had to return to home base. But was it too late. My first couple attempts and riding failed. The others had not made it out. They fell victim and one by one their tracks disappeared. What followed is of folk lore. I have lived to write this report and will produce the evidence later on the YouTube channels. For now, rest … and … recovery. We will fight to live another day. I am thankful for that.

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