Winter Camp & Travel

Our van, River, is equiped to camp in below degree temperatures. With enough sun we can sit in a spot for a week in negative temperatures. Amazingly effecient.

One thing is that the “outsides” can be hard to like. Take the devil dust for instance. But we have honed our skills to ebdure modest day outtings with the use of fat bikes. Snuggles has an even more impressive arenal of tools. Such as skiing and hiking … yuk.

No, the real issues is travel. We thought we had it licked but a while back the Bozeman Pass and a idiot in a GMC Yukon took our previous home on wheels. So no we are tormented by the travel. I just hope the weather cooperates this holiday season so we can do a tiny adventure to the Oregon coast.

I appreciate how we can navigate the dreded winter and actually make it more fun. Perhaps even welcomed. There are folks that can not and have a hard time when the day light weens away. I feel it too. Just keep on trying I guess.

Your Thoughts

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