We Lived It

We are the only ones that will understand any of this.

And looking back the real question is …

Keep in mind that we know one can never go back to a place. We knew that. We were ready. People never changer, right?

But what does a new/old place do to people? What about us? How would it change us. Or have we changed in a way that is going to affect who we become in this place.

So far the results are pretty interesting. And suprising.

Team MoBill has never lived in Missoula. It was Bill in Missoula. And it was Mo in Missoula. Never us in Missoula.

So … would we have ever evolved as a pair if I never moved away. I a crazed mountain biker. And Mo a caring, loving, and charasmatic friend to everyone she came into contact with. Maybe we would of just ended up friends.

You can trap a tiger and bring it to Montana. It will survive. If you take it back to Africa. I just may take off and you will never see it again. Will it be happier? Will it ever want to return to Montana?

Your Thoughts

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