Much Needed Desert Images

So I a sitting here with the wind blowing the windows so violently I startle and pose to run. The rain is coming down in sheets. And it has been like this all day. I need to look back at better times in a better place.

Memory #1 is the sky. No matter how beautiful things get, the sky tries to out-do the landscape. Truly amazing.
Memory #2 is the actual landscape … which … tries to out-do the skies. Competition is the best.
Memory #3 is the sun. It comes up and it goes down. And it does it’s best to show off. Here in Livingston … just angry clouds and dust, which gets in your eyes so you can not see the mountains.
Memory #4 is Snuggles, aka Mo. My adventure partner. Without her non of this would be so cool.
Memory #5. Did I mention the mountain biking?
Memory #6. Hurrican UT. I love that place.

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