Trying Winter

“let’s get outta here”, is what she said. Enough for me, “let’s go”. “I’ll take my new bike … even though … it was never meant for winter let alone the flattest place on earth”. Maybe it will work better in the wind.

Train tunnel leading away from our apartment to the West End

Bundled, we headed out across the plains. “can I try your new bike” … “Sure”

Mo tries the new bike.

“Let’s head up to Suce”. … “Sure”

But then it happened. Like it does always this time of year. We ran out of sunlight. And that was it.

Time to turn around

Taking some time to check out the beauty … if you can call it that. I mean devil dust is shit but it doesn’t look half bad in scenery.

Devil dust covering the landscape.

As the sun passed over the ridge we were still way out. Another cold dark night lay ahead. Life in hell.

Headed back

Looking Back On Past Posts For May 20th

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