So yea, writing a blog post by hand. Or are they calling it a personal journal? Or a gratitude journal. Or a balanced post of a little good and a little bad. You know words … hmm, don’t know.

If I remember correctly, my old process was to jot down the moments that came to mind of a recent outing. Add a little drama somewhere. Overcome it all. And then brief words of wisdom at the end. I think … hmm, don’t really remember how those words went.

So I have tried a post without photos or videos. Because that is hard and words used to rumble from my fingertip on the keyboard of a computer. I want to see if that still is the case. But where is that word?

So I went on a morning walk. It was before sunrise … which is easy to do recently. I guess the word is cold? Dark? Hm, don’t know.

Yeah, it was cold. But not really. Actually, quite mild for this time of year. What is the word? Pleasant? Don’t know.

Did I say it was dark out? Oh yeah, I did. Shit, dunno, can’t focus on words right now.

So it was dark and there I was running. Running in the dark. Suddenly, a dark group of shadows rushed in front of me. The last one stopped. I stopped. It did not move. So I said, “hey Google, turn on my flashlight”. In front of me was a young bull elk, still not moving. So I just shuffled by and said, “Excuse me”. I guess the word at this point is smell. I could smell the elk now. Why didn’t I smell it before. And why can’t I come up with a better word, then smell?

I don’t know. Can I still come up with words? Can I put them together into something that makes sense? Can I? Dunno.

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