Have you ever been torn? It must have been gross. I mean, to be torn apart. Yuk!

Colors torn by Mo Mislivets

I can not exactly say I have been physically torn and am ashamed of the stupid joke I just made. What I mean is emotionally torn. Take something beautiful. As beautiful as it seems, there is a downside.

You can not deny this beauty

Take fall, the season fall. It’s beautiful, no? But it is fall folks. Moments from Winter. I mean, holy shit.

Winter approach

We cannot ignore fall colors. Everything sings out and puts their stamp on the season. Everything must die, sure. But before we switch seasons, we get to appreciate the good things before we move on.

Signing out red

Times are changing. Well, I hope they are. Anyway, I want to take a moment and appreciate what we had. Even in the bleakest of times. Which we are in … there are great things to appreciate. Like RGB, who left us with such beautiful hope.


So before I take that last lift into the sky. I appreciate the world. The one I found. The one that surprises me. The world that has given me so much.

Last chair

2020 has been a year of disaster. One can not deny it has been the worst in recent memory. Everything feels fractured. It would be so easy to crack and fall apart.


There is one glimmer of hope. The season of change. Maybe things will come back together. Maybe we can all fix the things that separate us. As we jump in our van to move to the next adventure, it is this hope that keeps the wheels turning.

Taking off

Just remember the beauty. When times were bleak. The things that kept you going.

Everything is beau …. oh, I hate that song.

Remember the beauty.

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