I was disgruntled when she came home.

Beautiful depressive

I stayed instead of going for a ride and fixed supper.


While we were eating supper. I disclosed that I felt angry. I didn’t get to my bike ride today.

All I want to do is ride

She recommended that we go riding together. And she recommended that she could get me into the park and we can go up old gardener road.

Let’s go together

This turned out to be a great recommendation. And really, it was a godsend I waited to ride. We took off early evening. And the sun started to set.

There she goes

The smoke in the air is so thick that it felt like we were on Mars.


As the sun sank behind the mountains, I took some extraordinary pictures.

Road to extraordinary

And the ride was fantastic. I even ran into an elk. Then bombed down into Mammoth Hot Springs where I did a loop and then back up to a waiting snuggles.

What a scene

That was a great ride? Thanks snuggles.

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