Elk Issues

An elk bugles … I wonder what he is communicating.


“Mr Elk here. Here’s a little ramble about … um … I guess the smoke in the air. There’s actually two rambles. Okay, I’m going to have to move back my morning walk because I don’t see the sun come up anymore. Another part of the ramble is the actual smoke, even though the sun sets and the sun rises are beautiful.”

“The smoke is a real pain in the ass. It kind of casts a winter diffuse light which makes me feel cold, and perhaps there’s a little more moisture in the air. I don’t know. If that’s what happens. When the sun can’t evaporate.”

“I don’t know do not know these things but I can say N equals 1 is what I’m reporting here. And well. That’s about it, dude. That’s about it. Time to take a poop.”

Your Thoughts

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