Oh No!

We pulled in and found a spot we liked.

Teton Crek

Then we walked back to the office. We wanted d4. Upon entering the counter person asked if we had reservations. No, not really, because we always found the parking lot to be empty. Well, not this weekend, it’s booked up solid. They only had a space on a Friday night, then another spot on Sunday.

A very different forest then home

We asked for a moment to discuss the situation.

Okay if we find a camping spot. And that’s a big if. Then we have to drive up here, spend the night, and then drive back down for another camping spot. And there is no way we’re going to find a camping spot on Labor Day Weekend. So we reserved a spot for Sunday night and bolted back down the pass in hopes to find a place to spend the night.

Why so many photos of Teton Creek?

As we started down the dirt road at the bottom of the pass, we noticed the first dispersed camping area packed, my heart sank, there’s no way we’re going to find a camping spot on Labor Day weekend.


To the left, Mo spotted a pullout. No, I said, this is probably going to be dusty. Later on we would find out that was true. Then we found another spot on the left and it was off the road, no dust, but this was just a clearing with weeds.


I didn’t like it. Snuggles suggested that we have to take it because there are probably no more spots. Well, if we don’t go check, we could miss out on a cool spot. We drove up the road. We saw what looked like a campground at the bottom of a hill, so we drove down. There were bear bins but no pit toilets. It was a free dispersed camping spot. And it seemed like there were some spots available.

Dinner anyone?

We pulled into the first one we found. We walked around the campground. Suddenly, through the trees, we heard, “… would you like our spot we are going to leave in about 10 minutes”.

Thanks to some thoughtful campers

Wow, it was bordering the creek and had ample room. We had a room for a shower, a bike stand area, a campfire, a hammock. Wow, what a spot. Yeah, we’ll take it.

Showers are game-changers

They left. And we settled in. Wow, how things happen for a reason. Should we cancel reservations? Let’s just stay here.

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