This that and the other thing

As of this writing, I’m sitting on the porch of “Condo 1” in Gardiner, Montana. Sun is out, I’m having my coffee.

Fall is coming

Yesterday morning I woke up I was in Livingston, Montana. Here and there never know where I will be.

Nice shady spot

Partners working in the park, taking splendid pictures.


I’m struggling just to find anything to take a picture of, just to past at the time until we can break free.

Morning walk

In the meantime, I drive. Fly just landed on the banner and is looking at me.

Knot a tree anymore

Do flies look? It turns around. Walking down the banister now. And he’s off.

The end is comming

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, complaining about. Well, not complaining, just nothing really to talk about.

New place on the corner

I think it’s time Moe and I go to a bike park. Get out of town.

Parting purple

Get out of one of the town’s. Get out of all the towns. Just get the hell out of here.

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