The Livingston life

We all know why I live in Gardener, but sometimes in Livingston. If you don’t, I would give away too many details and in this day and age with all the haters out there. You don’t want to like, let anybody know your schedule right. I’m in Livingston right now on my morning walk. Kind of Cloudy.

I was like, walking by the… don’t know what Livingston people call it. I call it the moat, but I guess it is not exactly a swamp. I don’t know, anyway. I’d like to think about the variations between the two towns.

Photo by Mo

Obviously one town is on the border of Yellowstone National Park where Snuggles works. But Livingston is about an hour and a half away. Our little apartment is a studio and downtown, which is cool if you like city-dwelling. Let’s be honest. It’s a tiny town. So in Livingston my day usually includes going for a walk and/or doing some kind of work-out, so I don’t age so fast. Sometimes I stop by Town and Country to find out that all the meat has been bought up by somebody in town. There’s an investigation on that. Usually early in the week I have a chili making project which will sustain me throughout the week. Afternoon excitement includes knocks on the door from the UPS and USPS people delivering me nice little cool bike parts to update our rigs. And then there are the Buttons projects that are always ongoing, in which today I installed a stainless steel valve in which we named B.

Today in History –

This is turning out to be a total ramble, so I will stop myself right there. I could have written an entire blog on why we name all our inanimate objects. Maybe later.

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