Livingston to Dry Fork Creek

What were you up to on this day, July 24th?

The day started out normally. Get up, make coffee and sign in at work. After a bit of programming, I went for a walk to plan the day ahead. Day ahead in that the time that occurs after I clock out at work.

Yellowstone River

As I walk down the Yellowstone, my alarm goes off. My break is over and I picked up the pace to get back to work. Today we would go to Dry Fork Creek Road.

When we arrived the sun was still up, and we went for our first ride. Just a jaunt. It beat hanging out and getting eaten by horse flies.

As usual, the term, “just up the road” does not mean just up the road. It means one of two things.

(1) If we have been on that road before, then it usually means up the road. (2) But if it is our first time on the road, it could mean all night or until we have had our fill of adventure. And as per usual, that could take a while.

Your Thoughts

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