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Here and there

recently I have noticed somebody taking pictures that have bypassed me in beauty and composition. Mo is in Yellowstone National Park. And of course she’s taking lots of images of plants. My favorites are the flower close-ups.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I mean Livingston Montana, I am working remotely and hanging out in our downtown apartment. I look out the window and dream of my bike right after work where I will be immersed in wildflowers.

And yes, Mo is also working. But in a different way. I mean, she’s immersed in flowers all day long and hangs out in her apartment after work. And I am immersed in my apartment all day long, but get out in wildflowers after work. Funny how that works.

Speaking of funny things. I don’t mean a funny subject but funny how things work out. Congratulations to Jill and Beat 🙂

Today in history.

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