Lulu Pass Road Day 1

Let’s see. I was having a foul day on Thursday. Got into a fight. Broke my phone. Found out the van had a damaged sensor and was hanging from the bottom.

Camping Spot

I just had a grim morning and if it weren’t for snuggles. To make us coffee and get us going. I think I’d still be sitting in garter gardener sulking. But once we hit the road, things mellowed. she drove, and we stopped by a friend of ours restaurant.

Beartooths are abundant in these

Called Montasia, outstanding food. I would suggest stopping in at Cooke City. And seeing Lee ( and Yokie, whom we finally met for the first time. You won’t regret it.

Old miners cabin

Then we went up Daisy Pass Road. Or maybe it was Lulu Pass Road. Yeah, Lulu Pass, that’s it.

Lulu Pass

The first couple spots were taken as usual. And we proceeded up the mountain looking at every spot. But it just didn’t seem like we could find a spot we wanted with the view of Index and Pilot Peaks in the backdrop. So we settled on an RV spot.

Mo finds the beauty

Our van buttons looked so small in that spot, but it was a spot and had a pleasant meadow and even a bison stopped by to welcome us. Once we settled I had one last thing to do to come back to myself and that was a bike pout.

Lulu Pass Road

I headed up Lulu Pass.


And as the road ride progressed. I slowly felt better. I turned around and a big snow bank probably quarter mile from the top of the pass and with a smile on my face. I descended back into Lulu Valley.


Looks like snuggles did the same thing. I caught up to her hiking on my way down. We meet back up at Buttons the van. Barbecued some burgers, cracked some beers.

The 4th of July vacation has started.

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