Enduro Series Canceled, Hiking Lessons

We just learned last night that the Montana Enduro Series has given up the ghost for the 2020 season. Thanks go out to all those vacationing, antimask brats that have not been socially responsible. I want to rant. I want to find a piece of rope. I have no purpose anymore. If I can’t go test my metal on a mountain what is life for, anyway? Narrow a view, isn’t it? Well, you are not in my shoes so how would you understand. But then I am not worth learning about. I am a freak and really don’t recommend my “ways”. There is much to think about so time for a hike.


Every time I go hiking with Mo, I learn about the plants. And when the hike is new, there is all the sights to process. It imprints the brain with so much new “stuff”… which is what learning is, right? What can’t all the people we share this planet with be just as exciting? As I hike and think about this I don’t feel as lost without biking. I can learn and absorb other struggles which put my little world into perspective. It’s only hard for me because I am an introvert. Which I feel is normal. But it is time to face those that want to suppress folks that are not the same color. I mean, why would we make every piece of nature green. What would Zion Park look like? Yuk! I would never hike.

Learn: https://www.youtube.com/user/Eacho18/videos

There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is so much hope if we can all make sure there is color and diversity in nature. Not being able to ride my bike seems such a minor thing now. Approaching the end of our hike, I feel a new enthusiasm. There is a battle to face now that is much harder. It’s a battle with racism. There are more colors to see. Embrace the differences.

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